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Jeremy book Finding the Groove is available for purchase at 
Hudson Music (digital version), or on Amazon (paperback)

In Finding the Groove, drummers will find a collection of essays and musings which offer invaluable practical advice, from understanding the role of the drummer in the band, to acquiring the musical tools needed to develop good "feel." Other musicians—and music educators—wil find important topics covered as well, including strategies for practicing more effectively, overcoming mental and physical obstacles to progress, and the critical importance of attitude and intention. Artists—or really anyone who hones a practice or pursues a passion—will find life stories that illuminate: essays on finding your voice and staying true to your creative vision; surrounding yourself with peers who help you grow; and an exploration of the pitfalls of self-doubt that plague so many creative people, and get in the way of achieving the fullest expression of their artistic calling.

Praise for Finding the Groove

"Author and master drummer Jeremy Steinkoler has put a lifetime of experience, information, and pearls of wisdom based on his real-time experience of teaching, playing and performing as a professional drummer, into this work. It contains so much important knowledge concerning our craft that it's hard to believe he captured it in a few hundred pages! Totally informative, important­­­—and it's fun to read! This book is just what's needed for pros like myself, and non-pros alike. A must for all who love music and drumming! I read it twice!! 
           —Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, et al)


"Imagine years of valuable experience delivered to you in a way to inspire you and guide you—that is what Jeremy has done with this book! You too can grow from this, wherever you are on your journey!” 
           —Dom Famularo (Drumming's Global Ambassador)


“Music educators are hardly the only people who can benefit from the considerable wisdom contained within Finding the Groove, Jeremy Steinkoler’s book about the lessons he’s gleaned from his years as a drummer and drum teacher. A pithy storyteller who makes his points in sharp, clean strokes, he’s as canny and perceptive about human nature and the intricate pulse of student/mentor interactions as he is about trap set fundamentals. Drawing on gigs he’s played and encounters with musical colleagues obscure and legendary, Steinkoler shows how he’s applied hard-won knowledge to his countless lessons with students both motivated and slacking. Ultimately, Finding the Groove offers profound lessons for teaching or pursuing just about any creative endeavor.”

            —Andrew Gilbert (San Francisco Chronicle)


“Once I started reading Finding the Groove, I couldn’t put it down. I found myself relating on a deep level to SO many of the great stories, situations, and career lessons! Jeremy really knows what he is talking about. I hope drummers of all levels read and enjoy this book. I wish this book was out when I was 16 years old! 

            —Gregg Bissonette (LA recording and touring drummer, Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band)

“Throughout every page, Jeremy makes abundantly clear his dedication and ability to expand the music-minds of current and future drummers. If you want to learn to think more deeply about your art and to be emboldened in a way that triggers your spark, Finding the Groove is an absolute must-read!”

            —Nate Brown (Founder/Publisher,


"Jeremy’s book is laid out like a song form, which is a very important bit of knowledge in itself. When I was coming up, learning how to play songs was a big part of learning to play the drums. As you read, you’ll see what he has learned through his musical experiences—life lessons! My favorite teachers always me taught that drumming is more than paradiddles. The title says it all. Enjoy!!"
           —David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)


"Steinkoler brings a sense of empathy and wonder that adds weight to the lessons at hand. Drum instructors in particular will find lots to chew on, but the rest of us will recognize much of ourselves here as well—who we are, who we were, and who we hope to become."



“Jeremy Steinkoler’s Finding the Groove is full of life lessons, musings, and stories from the life of a drummer, delivered by a man who is clearly passionate about his craft. From the responsibilities and challenges of the teacher, to the mental aspects that create confidence, Finding the Groove is a fun yet thought-provoking read that will inspire, educate and entertain you, especially if you share a passion for drumming and teaching.

            —Joe Bergamini (Drummer, Author, Hudson Music Editor,  Sabian Education Network Director)


“One of my favorite ever reads! You can tell that everything within the pages of Jeremy’s book is the result of decades of passion and experience. Reading it can only lead to a greater understanding of the universal language that we all love—music! Whether you’re a drummer, artist, composer, or teacher, this is a must-read!”

            —Tony McNally (Drummer/Educator, Founder of ToneAlly)


“I've read Jeremy’s book for a third time, and I plan on reading it again. Finding the Groove is a book that is just packed full of experience, strength and hope for the drumming community at large. I've discovered things in this book that have truly inspired me. I highly recommend it to drummers of all ages! Great book!" 

                —Chip Ritter (Drummer/Educator, Co-Founder, Drummers Education Connection)  


“Well written, clear, interesting and practical—a real contribution to the world of drumming.” 

                 —Joel Rothman (World's most prolific drum book author)


"Jeremy's book is an amazing amalgamation of drum wisdom, humor, anecdotes, philosophy and the inner game of drumming. It's a practical guide to understanding the core necessities needed to become a professional musician."
                —Chris Brady (Aquarian Drumheads)


“Jeremy's book Finding the Groove instantly hit me like he was writing about my own teaching and music performing experiences! It reawakened so many memories about my journey of becoming a private music teacher, which includes all the different hats we must wear to succeed. This is an absolute must-read for all drummers, drum teachers, and passers of the musical torch of music and life!”

            —Jim Royle (Drummer/Educator, Owner/Director Jim Royle Drum Studio)


Finding the Groove is the ultimate resource for musicians seeking insight, inspiration and knowledge about the world of drumming. With his decades of experience as a drum teacher and performer, Jeremy helps you to understand how to develop drumming talent—and apply it in the real world! It’s so full of valuable information that I feel it is an essential read for all drummers, and especially my students. I couldn’t read it fast enough! Finding the Grooveinspires me and my students to be excited about drumming and to better ourselves in every way possible. I highly recommend this book!”

            —Rick Stojak (Drummer/Educator, Co-Founder, Drummers Education Connection)


“Jeremy’s powerful book, Finding the Groove, transported me back in time to the magic I felt purchasing my first drum set. It’s a book that reminds us of important lessons we’ve learned and wisdom we hope to gain­­—both in music and in life. This book isn’t just for drummers. It’s relatable for any musician or anyone who pursues a passion. I highly recommend it!”

            —Kelli Rae Tubbs (Drummer/Historian)


“Finding the Groove is a fabulous collection of stories, insights, and motivational musings, full of so many familiar experiences all drummers, other musicians, and teachers/instructors of any skill or art form would appreciate and relate to. There are life lessons on practicing, gigging, recording, and teaching, as well as insights into specific ideas which Jeremy has had success using in his own teaching practice. I especially enjoyed his lists of recordings, artists, etc. he included at various parts in the book. I am very glad to have added Finding the Groove to my library!

             —Kevin Lehman (Drummer/Educator, President, Colorado Chapter of PAS)


“Finding The Groove is equal parts practical and philosophical, like a “Letters To A Young Poet” for the modern drummer. It’s clearly designed to be the best friend of any aspiring drummer, but its lessons were potent to me even as a pianist and songwriter. I especially appreciated the personal anecdotes, which helped to demystify some of the more daunting aspects of making one's way in the field of music. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Jeremy on a few occasions, and it was fun to see that he writes as he plays… thoughtfully, incisively, and with great care.”

            —Rachel Efron (Singer/Songwriter)


“I found Jeremy’s book to be both entertaining and insightful—a pleasure to read. As a drummer and teacher, it contains many relatable and familiar stories, along with unique insights. But this isn’t JUST a book for drummers—people from all walks of life will be able to relate to so many aspects of his experience.”

            —Dawn Richardson (4 Non-Blondes, Tracy Chapman)


“Being a successful working musician requires talent, vision, discipline, social skills, and some sort of business sense. Each one of these qualities requires study, insight, guidance, and support. Jeremy’s passion and longtime experience as a talented teacher, and equally talented professional drummer, provide all the above in this wonderful read.”

            —John Mader (John Fogerty, Carl Verheyen, Hamilton)

“Finding the Groove should be in the hands of every aspiring drummer—even every aspiring musician—because it contains decades of wisdom in its pages. I wish I had a book like this when I started out playing. Teachers, I would make this required reading for all of your students!”

            —Jean Fineberg (saxophone w/David Bowie, Sister Sledge, Joe Cocker)

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