Drummer. Composer. Educator. Author.

I'll be playing with the Bait & Switch at the Seahorse in Sausalito on Sat. 2/29 @ 10 pm. Catch me with the Jolly Gibsons at the Back Room in Berkeley on Friday, 3/6 for a late Mardi Gras celebration. Come get your NOLA groove on!


My book Finding the Groove is available for purchase! You can download the digital version at Hudson Music, or purchase the paperback here.

“In chapter after chapter, the author brings a sense of empathy and wonder that adds weight to the lessons at hand. Drum instructors in particular will find lots to chew on, but the rest of us will recognize much of ourselves here as well—
who we are, who we were, and who we hope
to become.”


The Jenna & the Charmers CD is here!

"Everyone I Love Is Here captures a
beautifully calibrated working ensemble
that wraps an impressive array of songs
in an intimate embrace." 



Catch me on DrumTalkTV with host Dan Shinder in a series of discussions about topics from my book Finding the Groove

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Mo'Fone    |   The Back Room   |    Berkeley, CA   |   8:00 pm